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NSPL is the leading Remote DBA Service Provider

Conversion and Database Migration Services –

NSPL pride itself in providing quality database migration services at the right price. When you work with NSPL Team, you receive: 

  • Accurate costing and sizing of the database migration
  • The expertise necessary to help control the risk associated with database and related application migration
  • Cost-effective database migrations
  • Experts with vast experience moving applications and associated databases from one OS platform to another
Disaster Recovery Services

Database migration services – we meet your needs. 

Our engineers have vast experience in all aspects of the data migration using the following approach.

Preliminary Analysis

• Initial discovery call with XTIVIA team to review requirements
• Complete technical questionnaire


• Define the approach & plan
• Define the timeframe for a response
• Estimate schedule & cost


• Migrate applications, data and databases
• Integrate middleware
• Test and validate
• Deploy
• User Acceptance

More on Some of Our Services 

  • Cross OS Platform  

NSPL provides migration services to help move your current database system to another platform. Do you need help migrating your database systems to Linux? Are you moving some legacy database systems to the most recent version of Microsoft Windows? Our engineers can help you move your systems regardless of the operating systems and platforms involved.

  • Cross Database Vendor 

NSPL also provides migration services to help move you from your current database vendor to another database vendor. Do you need someone to help you move from IBM Informix to IBM LUW? Or are you migrating from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server? Our DBAs can work with you through all phases of the migration regardless of the databases involved.

  • Data Transformation 

The migration of data, unloading/loading of data, and data transformation between database systems or platforms can be handled by our staff as required. NSPL can incorporate Vendor-supplied load or migration utilities, third-party tools, or custom-written solutions as necessary.

Oracle Database Migration and Disaster Recovery Services

Oracle Migration and Upgrade Support

We help our clients perform database migrations and upgrade to new versions of Oracle products (we support Oracle 7, 8, 9i, 10gR1, 10gR2, 11gR1, and 11gR2, 12c) when they switch hardware platforms.


This involves:

  1. Conducting interviews with our clients and checking their current setup
  2. Presenting migration methods, migration schedules, and modifications
  3. Assisting with preliminary tests (to the extent allowed by both our and our client’s testing environments)
  4. Helping to create migration tools (scripts)
  5. Comparing/verifying databases before and after the migration 


  1. Migration assessment report
  2. Work report
  3. Data migration tools (if scripts were created) 

Migration and upgrade tools:

  1. Oracle export and import utilities
  2. Oracle Data Pump
  3. Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
  4. Oracle Data Guard
  5. Oracle GoldenGate
  6. DBMoto


Oracle Contingency Planning

We propose, design, and build disaster recovery solutions that have been optimized for our client’s Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). In addition to ordinary Oracle design and implementation tasks, our services include:

  1. tests for expected failures
  2. recovery procedures
  3. maintenance procedures
  4. upgrade design


We support the following system configurations:

  1. Basic standby database
  2. Oracle Data Guard
  3. Remote backups with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  4. Remote replication with Oracle Streams or Oracle GoldenGate
  5. DBMoto