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Database Backup & Restore Services

An audit of system operations is used to identify potential problems, produce a course of action, and perform work to implement database backup, data security and recovery strategies that fit into your business plan. 

Many agree that the best solution for avoiding downtime and data loss in a production environment is to implement a preventive maintenance strategy before problems occur.  

Our engineers are available to assist you with all platform 

  • Microsoft SQL Server,  
  • Oracle,  
  • MySQL,  
  • MongoDB 
  • PostgreSQL ,
  • IBM Db2 LUW,
  • IBM Informix. 
Server Maintenance

Guard Your Peace of Mind 

We start with in-depth analysis of your current backup and recovery systems, policies and readiness. Hardware, software, network, storage, media, and processes are all evaluated and validated for proper configuration, operation, performance, and reliability. 

Also, NSPL will look at operational costs and financial efficiencies and provide a complete score card on the state of your backup and recovery systems. We deliver recommendations and strategies to improve your program, meet organizational objectives and leverage industry best practices. 

Database Backup  

Focus on your backup and recovery processes and technology to save greater cost, diminished productivity, and ultimately, loss of end-user and customer confidence.  

Many organizations have backup and recovery policies in place, but programs have not been verified recently. Increased computing complexity and constant changes in the business and IT environment lead to program and technology disparities and performance gaps. Locating expert backup and recovery resources internally can be difficult at best.  


What is your business’s reputation worth?  

How do you notify a customer that you’ve lost their order or record?  

What do you do if you lose your contact information for all your clients, suppliers or partners?  

If you can’t provide your service and run your business during a disaster, can your competitors?  

How much will it cost to win back your customers from your competitors after you do recover?  

How are you going explain your downtime to your investors, your associates, the media or your management? 

Backup and Recovery Solutions 

NSPL can provide complete backup and recovery solutions or supplement existing programs based on audit results and client initiatives. We plan, design, steer, implement, train, and turn over systems and processes that are in tune with your needs and budget. By tailoring our backup and recovery solutions to your unique needs and computing environment, we deliver: 

  • Backup and recovery planning for multi-vendor information technology 
  • Services to design, pilot, and implement backup and recovery solutions 
  • Comprehensive training 
  • Solutions tailored to unique operational requirements and budgets 
  • Disaster recovery planning 

The worst-case scenario should not happen to your business, but building in strategies with resilience and stability will help reduce some of the risks. The best approach to demonstrating the ROI of a backup and recovery plan is to first consider the cost to your business if a disaster occurs. Knowing and understanding this cost will give you an advantage in building a cost-effective solution for your business based on your real business needs. It is important that once you create a plan and put it into practice, you follow your plan. 


Our backup and recovery services help ensure your organization will experience:

Protection for the future of your business
Reduced downtime and minimized impact in the event of a disaster
Greater efficiency
Increased confidence of your associates, clients, investors and business partners
Increased security
Optimal performance
Protection of your client base
Protection of your reputation