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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Manage my Partners and Contracts

NSPL supplies you with everything you require to manage them effectively:

  • A central depository and an enterprise-wide, structured process to administer contract creation and implementation.
  • The facility to effectively manage contract milestones via reminders and automated email alerts.
  • Automated workflow for approvals and contract review.

Contract and supplier and management now consists of a large number of teams which involved with a significant amount of contract traffic executives, finance, legal and sales who would be approving contracts. Multi-level Change agreement is a must.
Contracts have to be centralized, capturing and classification both contracts and partners to administer them holistically. To build decisions on amendments, and revisions to handle risks and rewards is more than forever a real challenge.

Responsibility management capabilities and key performance indicators to develop contract agreement and performance

NSPL features include:

  • Centralized storage of contracts.
  • Modifying credentials using MS Word.
  • User-configurable Contact approval and workflows.
  • Email Manager.
  • Calendar for essential dates.
  • Financial value reporting and recording.
  • Import and export utility.
  • Explore for contract-related information and files attachment.
  • Standard and customer configurable management dashboards.
  • User-configurable contract features (provider, vendor, client).
  • Multi-level task-based security.