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Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization –

Microsoft Virtualization Hyper-V allows your organization to create and host virtual machines, such as desktops and servers. Hyper-V incorporates key technologies initially developed for and proven on Microsoft Azure, the world’s largest public Cloud computing service.

NSPL consultants Offer Expert Microsoft Hyper-V Consulting & Development Services, Ensuring Key Stakeholders Are Involved In Your Virtualized Infrastructure Implementation. Reduce your overall hardware costs while simultaneously increasing your productivity and efficiency and reducing hardware failure risks.

Server Maintenance

What is Hyper-V?

Microsoft Hyper-V or Windows Server Virtualization is one platform that Microsoft actively contributes to the Linux community under the GPL policy. With this platform, you can deploy native Windows or different Linux VMs or clusters for your customers. However, maintaining or running Hyper-V will need expertise in SAN, Failover Cluster, and High availability services essential for a cloud. If you are looking for an excellent team to manage your Hyper-V environment, our team at rising Matrix will provide you with 24/7 round the clock high service quality and deliver prompt technical support. We experience working on all aspects of Microsoft Hyper-V, from deployment, configuration, and security to its complete management.

Computing Environment

A Hyper -V Virtual machine provides a computing environment such as memory, processor, storage, and Networking. NSPL can consider storage and Networking categories of their own because of the many ways they can are configured.

VPS provisioning & config

With the use of templates, our team helps you achieved faster VPS provisioning. Post configuration of guest OS, Such as control panel (Plesk/Cpanel) and various service level configurations (IIS/ Apache/ Ngnix/ Databases, Mail Services) and custom application installs are all taken care of by our team.

Host Node Management

It optimizes host node from its base level, IO optimization, efficient CPU, and RAM allocation to VPS within the underlying Hypervisor used, regular updates, and upgrades of OS packages for maximum efficiency.


Our team helps you migrate VMs between Hyper-V environments with different storage management in place, such as LVM, NFS, thin client, QWCO2, etc. We also migrate from another platform for maximum compatibility of running applications for your customers.

Backups and Disaster Management

Backups are essential in case of disaster strikes and hence to achieve backup scenarios for Host and VPS that are readily available and are audited as per schedule for integrity and reliability. Our team of experts is available round the clock for recovery from emergency issues as well.

Hyper V Environment Implementation

Based on the requirement of the client, we deploy the Hyper-V environment. The team co-ordinates with the datacenter regarding the Hardware requirements, Host Nodes, OS installations, partition, and storage management.

VPS management

All aspects of VPS management such as reboots, updates, patches, resources ( CPU/RAM, Hard Disk) management, IP management, Backup & restore, VPS performance optimizations are all taken by our team for a seamless hosting experience for your customer.

HYPER V management

HYPER V management includes managing your VPS accounts, updates or upgrades of Hyper V itself, and creating new templates with pre-installed and configured control panel (Plesk/cPanel)for easy auto-deployment, setting, optimal Hyper-V configurations.

Compliance to Security Policy

Our team regularly audits the Guest systems of any platforms or any abusive behavior such as phishing, spamming, Trojans/Virus, or even complete VM compromise and take proactive& corrective actions. Host systems are audited for the latest security patches and updates to keep vulnerabilities at bay.

24/7 round the clock Monitoring

We have our in-house systems that will integrate with your Hyper-V environment, giving us a bird’s eye view of your VPS instances’ essential services, which helps to take proactive measures before anything goes wrong.