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Migrating with SQL Server 2019


  • Data Virtualization with Polybase connecting to many different data sources including Oracle and Azure.
  • SQL Server Big Data Clusters providing you a end-to-end solution for your own data lake using Polybase with HDFS, Spark pre-deployed in a Kubernetes Cluster. This includes a complete Machine Learning Platform for AI Applications.
  • Boost your Performance with no application changes using Intelligent Query Performance and In-Memory Database technologies.
  • Enhance security of your data with Secure Enclaves and Data Classification with Auditing.
  • Increase High Availability to your SQL Server with Clusterless Availability Groups, Built-in HA with Kubernetes, and Accelerated Database Recovery..
  • Build modern applications using Machine Learning Services and T-SQL Extensibility using Java or deploy new languages.
  • SQL Server provides the platform of your choice with compatibility across Windows, Linux, Containers, Kubernetes, and Arm64 processes (Azure SQL Database Edge).

Gaining new capabilities by deploy SQL Server 2019


  • Query Store
  • Adaptive Query Processing
  • Automatic Tuning
  • Columnstore and In-Memory OLTP
  • Works Faster


  • Security
  • Always Encrypted
  • Row Level Security
  • Dynamic Data Masking


  • Availability
  • Clusterless Availability Groups
  • Distributed Transactions for Availability Groups
  • Resumable Index Maintenance


  • JSON
  • Temporal Tables
  • Graph Database

Modern Platform

  • Linux and Containers
  • Machine Learning Services with R and Python

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