Do you know why your IT guys are Stressed Out & Exhausted? Find out now!

From crashed hard drives to computers that won’t start, the largest part of managed IT services is computers’ essential maintenance. In an organization of any size, small or large, computers are relied on to perform almost all duties – from typing to design, marketing, and many other functions. Programs are used for all sorts of industries, and as we get more technologically advanced, our systems get more complicated and prone to problems. Rather than risk making the situation worse by trying to fix problems yourself, call in the experts with IT services that ensure that your computer stays up and running at all times. And when or if something goes wrong, you will know who to call.
Other services include the following:

Viruses and Spyware Problems

It takes just one email forward that is infected with spyware, worms, Trojans, or other viruses to infect an entire network – bringing your whole business to a halt as computers freeze, shut down, or stop working. From virus protection to troubleshooting and virus fixing, IT services will ensure that your computer is protected against future viruses and healed from existing viruses that may affect the running of your system.

Network Management
The network controls all computers within an office or organization. If a network goes down, very often that means that every computer within the network also goes down, leaving the entire office unable to continue working. Network management services guarantee you quick response times, optimal network health, and outstanding technical support from your IT services company, allowing you to not lose any valuable time in the event of a network problem. A reputable managed IT services firm will offer network management for a fixed monthly fee, regardless of the number of hours used.

Internet Connectivity
Your IT services company will also set up and managed internet connectivity, from leading ISP (internet service providers) – assisting when the internet connection drops and helping you maintain daily usage of bandwidth and data packages. With the internet slowly improving in South Africa, consumers choose ADSL, 3G, and other connection options. A good managed IT services company will advise the best option to suit your needs – whether you are a business or home internet user.

Remote Backups
Many businesses do not realize the importance of having sufficient data or server backup. Managed IT services to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure at all times. A remote backup and data recovery service ensure that your critical data is properly backed up to an offsite location. This means that you never have to worry about losing precious data in the event of a system or server crash.

Hardware and Software Procurement
IT companies provide all the top brands at competitive prices, allowing companies to get all the benefits of wholesale prices directly from leading companies dealing with companies rather than with consumers. After all, who better to source your hardware and software than the company that will be responsible for managing it? If your IT company is charging you a fortune for products, or even the same rates seen in the store, it may be time to change to a managed IT services company that brings you good deals and excellent prices to ensure better value for money.