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Asset Management

IT NSPL Asset Management

Is a set of company processes designed to manage the lifecycle and inventory of companies IT assets. What is an IT asset? It includes all essentials of software and hardware that you usually find in a business environment. When accurately used, and IT Service Management (ITSM) process assist organizations in lowering IT costs, reducing IT risk and develop their productivity.

Your industry most likely has an office with a desk that filled with laptops and desktops. And these IT assets are packed with all kinds of applications. These assets, hardware, software, and licenses should have replaced, maintained, repaired, and updated continuously. Wouldn’t it be a great help if you know which IT assets your company has? And had a procedure in place to maintain this information accurately?

The benefits of IT NSPL Asset Management software

There are four key benefits to having an IT NSPL Asset Management procedure in place: reduce costs, you avoid penalties and increase efficiency, improve security and develop the agility of your organization. Let’s get a closer look at each benefit:

  • Avoid penalties. ITAM software assists you keep track of contractual, legal and regulatory obligations. It can personally come in handy if you face frequent audits. For example, if you register all your software licenses, you’re not likely to overuse them. ITSM also create your reviews more cost-efficient. Say your business faces two audits a year. And it takes two employees about a month fulltime each to answer. Having a mature ITAM method in place will save your staff time, and put a severe indentation of your audit bill.
  • Increase effectiveness and reduce costs. Do you know which software and hardware your employees use? Or more importantly: don’t use? ITAM assist you in understanding how and where your software has used. And which technology is not. Eliminate assets that you don’t use and stockpiling surpluses avoid unnecessary purchases. It not only saves costs on support, maintenance, and energy usage but also decrease your carbon footprint.
  • Improve security. Do you identify that your IT security team monitors, hardens, patches, and audits each asset? Every surplus IT asset you can hit off your list is one less application to take care of, which increase your security. But the advantage is two-fold. Thanks to ITAM software, and understanding that uses what, you also obtain the knowledge of who has access to sensitive data. Moreover, you can more sensibly limit user permission.
  • Improve agility. How do you create your IT purchases? Or more on knowledge? With ITAM, information is power. You can track how your company uses assets over time. It gives you the data to build decisions on operational need as well as planned business sense.