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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Availability Management

The objective of NSPL Availability Management is to make sure that the level of service availability has delivered in all service is matched to or exceed the current and future approved needs of the business in a cost-effective method. Availability is one of the most severe parts of the warranty of a service. If a service does not deliver the levels of accessibility required, then the business will not experience the importance that has promised. Without convenience, the utility of the service cannot be access. Availability management procedure activity extends across the service lifecycle.

The Purpose of Availability Management processes is to:

  • Maintain and produce an appropriate and up to date availability Plan, which reflects the present and future wants of the business. 
  • Provide advice and assistance to all other areas on availability connected issues. Assist with diagnosis and declaration of availability related incidents and problems. Assess the impact of all modification on the Availability Plan and the performance and capability of services and resources. 
  • Make sure that proactive measures are implemented to progress the availability of services wherever it is cost reasonable. In short, Availability management must always ensure that the approved level of availability has provided. The monitoring and measurement of IT availability is a crucial activity to make sure availability levels have met.

Availability Management – Basic Concepts

Let’s have a glance at a few key concepts of Availability Management.

Availability: In simplest terms, the capacity of a service, component or CI to execute its agreed function when required. This term answer the question, is it accessible to use when needed?

 Reliability: A measure of how long a component, service or CI can perform its agreed function without intermission. When we understood the availability, the questions come, how long the service will be available? It will answer by reliability.

 Serviceability: The capability of a third party supplier to assemble the terms of their contract. Often this contract will contain agreed levels of availability, reliability or Maintainability for a supporting component or service. Serviceability and Maintainability are frequently confusing terms. However, the key differentiate name here is the involvement of third-party suppliers to restore the part or service.

 Maintainability: A assess of how quickly and effectively a service, component, or CI can be restored to regular after a failure. The importance is on how fast or how soon the services can be back to BAU.