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NSPL SOlution Advisor

NSPL Change Management Services

ITSM aligned NSPL change management software and its capability will help you to assess the risk of all change in advance. The change management approval process to make sure that all modification is in line with your change policy and business strategy before they executed where ITIL is the IT service management best practice framework formerly recognized as the IT Infrastructure Library.


Sub-Processes of NSPL Change Management Software

  • Change Management Support
  • Assessment of Change Proposals
  • RFC Logging and Review
  • Assessment and Implementation of Emergency Changes
  • Change Assessment by the Change Manager
  • Change Assessment by the CAB
  • Change Scheduling and Build Authorization
  • Change Deployment Authorization
  • Minor Change Deployment
  • Post Implementation Review and Change Closure

Use NSPL change management software to assist those involved in the change management procedure achieve what ITIL defines as the objective of change management:

  • NSPL Responding to changing company requirements while maximizing value and business disruption, reducing incidents and re-work.
  • NSPL Responding to the business and IT requirements for changes that will align IT services with business desires.
  • Make sure that all changes are evaluated and recorded, and that authorized changes are reviewed, planned, tested, implemented, documented, and prioritized in a controlled manner.
  • NSPL Ensuring that all changes to configuration objects recorded in the configuration management database.
  • NSPL Reducing and optimizing where possible, the overall business risk.
  • If ITIL’s change management most excellent practice isn’t right for you and your company, then with NSPL ITSM, it’s simple to configure the out-of-the-box change management procedure. NSPL change management software can modify to your exact desires and operational processes.