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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Change Manager

The NSPL change manager is responsible intended for managing the change queue and ensuring changes are prepared efficiently, with minimum risk to the business. An effective change manager agrees to changes to be moved rapidly to the production environment.

The change manager must protect the IT systems of the company, ensuring the changes that have made do not present an unacceptable risk. He or she should look for conflicts inactive changes and determine the most suitable time to commit changes to the production structure.

In the ITIL framework, the change manager is responsible for managing the lifecycle of every change, with the primary task of enabling beneficial changes to be complete with minimal disruption to the business.

The change manager will arrange and chair the change advisory board (CAB) and emergency change (eCAB), make sure the information presented to these groups is complete. Offers them with the information they need to make informed decisions about the changes, approving and prioritizing them, or rejecting them.

Roles and Responsibilities of an NSPL Change Manager

  • Apply a structured method and lead change management activities. 

  • Apply a change management procedure and tools to create a plan to support the adoption of the changes required by a project. 

  • Maintain communication efforts. 

  • Support the design, delivery, development and management of interactions.

  • Assess the change contact. 

  • Conduct impact analysis, assess change eagerness and recognize critical stakeholders. 

  • Support training efforts. 

  • Provide input, document necessities and support the design and delivery of training program.