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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Configuration Manager

NSPL Configuration manager is a systems engineering procedure for establishing and maintaining the reliability of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attribute with its design, requirements and operational information throughout its life.

Configuration manager is a form of ITSM as defined by ITIL that make sure the configuration of computer systems, system resources, servers and other assets are known, excellent and trusted. It’s occasionally referred to as IT automation.

NSPL software will assist you as a configuration manager to:

  • Design and seek agreement on the capacity of the configuration management processes to be recorded and captured


  • See that changes to the procedure are approved, communicated and managed through the CM process.


  • Review presentation of current processes and procedures, along with the appropriate training to ensure team are fully competent


  • Provide reports on configuration entry performance


  • Provide management vision on service dependency and relationships to help in managing changes and risk assessment


  • Present management dashboards and reports showing service, infrastructure and provider performance