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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Continual Service Improvement Manager

NSPL Continual Service Improvement manager is a type of procedure which utilizes technique from quality management to discover from prior success and failures and aims continually to increase efficiency and effectiveness of IT services and process.

NSPL Continual Service Improvement manager must predominantly focus on maximizing efficiency and also increasing the effectiveness of the ITSM Process. Here listed below are a few objectives of Continual Service Improvement:

  • To analyze, evaluate and make necessary recommendations to develop the existing opportunities in each phase of the ITIL Service Lifecycle such as Service Operation Service Strategy, Service Transition, and Service Design.


  • We are increasing the cost-effectiveness and practice efficiency of the IT service.


  • To determine and implement activities to enhance the quality of the IT service and develop the effectiveness and efficiency of the ITSM process.


  • To enhance the cost-effectiveness of IT service delivery while sustaining the same level of client satisfaction.


  • To ensure that a standard and appropriate method have used for quality management.