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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Continual Service Improvement

IT organizations must continually develop their services to stay competitive and appealing to their clients – generally the industry it serves. It placed within the lifecycle stage of the NSPL Continual Service Improvement. In this stage, analyzing and measuring is essential in identifying the beneficial services and those that want to improve.

 CSI must be applied throughout the entire Service Lifecycle, in all stages from Service Strategy to Service procedure. This way, NSPL Continual Service Improvement becomes an inherent part of both delivering and developing IT Services.

Goals and Objectives of NSPL Continual Service Improvement

The goals and objectives of the Continual Service Improvement are as follows:

  • CSI reviews analyze and make recommendations for improvement opportunities in each Lifecycle phase.
  • This phase assesses the Service Level Achievement results of the business.
  • CSI identifies and implements individual activities to develop IT service quality.
  • CSI enhances the cost efficiency of delivering IT services without forgoing client satisfaction.
  • This phase makes sure that applicable quality management processes used to support continual development activities.

Benefits of NSPL Continual Service Improvement

The CSI phase of the Service Lifecycle:

  • Improves management and metrics reporting
  • Develop the overall quality of business procedure
  • Helps the company plan for investments according to business requirements
  • Minimizes the communication gap between the service and customer provider
  • Improves the quality and accessibility of services
  • Improves worker productivity due to increased reliability and accessibility of IT services
  • Enhance employee effectiveness by improving communication, teamwork and productivity
  • Identify roles and responsibilities for IT professional.
  • Offers the long-term financial benefit

Value to business

With the help of these process in CSI, current and future business outcome necessities can be met by analyzing and monitoring the delivery of service. It also allows the continual assessment of the current condition against business needs.

The company achieves the capability to identify an opportunity to improve service provision for clients.