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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Contracts Manager

As a NSPL contracts manager, Navigator system software will put you at the heart of the achievement, ensuring centralized storage and classification of contracts and partners are maintained to manage them holistically,  and control solution performance indicators to develop contract compliance and performance. In your role, you will be in a position to discover which contracts and suppliers must be retained, replaced or upgraded. Entirely only, you can’t manage contracts without the exact information.

NSPL software will provide:

Automated alerts and reminders will make sure you are in the power of contract reviews, approvals, retirements and renewals according to contractual obligation and milestones.

NSPL management information and graphical dashboards on contract life-cycle status, value and contract provider performance.

NSPL Contract Management allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Create contracts from contract form or client-defined templates.

  • We track agreement and payment details.

  • Define expenses for contracts and generate payment schedule.

  • Associate contracts with several assets.

  • Maintain a stable of regular contract terms and conditions.

  • Generate contract templates.

  • Renew the contract automatically.