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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Critical Hour Security

NSPL Critical Hour security has focused on taking necessary action in response to the notification of a cyber hazard. By doing this in one hour (hence the name), the framework can allow your organization to prevent cyber threats before they can achieve a foothold on the environment.

Features of NSPL Critical Hour Security

  •  Cybersecurity consultant
  • Personalized review of your present IT security controls
  • Activate identification and response actions
  • Two-page report to detail the response framework
  • Support in the orchestration of the structure in an attack event
  • ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations in maintaining services

Benefits of Critical Hour Security.

  • Implement present and comprehensive best practices
  • Enable senior management to connect via exec friendly output
  • Clear, brief response framework for quick action
  • Independent service make sure objective activities and feedback
  • Cost-effective alternative to immediate responses to attack consequences
  • Lowers risk of the significant impact of security breaches
  • Ability to enlarge the service to encompass SOC delivery