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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Customer Service Manager

NSPL Customer service manager software will put you firmly at the heart of the action, ensuring customers receive world-class service and experience; your analyst’s workloads managed, SLA performance is maximized. Their abilities are utilized, areas of success and improvement are communicated.

In this demanding role, Customer services manager will help you plan, create, schedule and execute any number and type of user-configurable tasks and activities which can be monitored, rescheduled, viewed and reported on:

NSPL Customer service manager tasks could include:

  • Plan, schedule, and execute team recruitment activities such as orienting, training, coaching, counselling.
  • Conduction team appraisals performance reviews and disciplining conferences; process, policies and procedure updates.
With Customer services manager you can report on the performance of customer service objectives by contributing service information and recommendations provided by Customer services manager to maintain strategic plans and reports; prepare and execute action plans, report on service outcomes, performance, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.

Customer services manager provides you with the information you need to improve customer service quality. This is achieved by studying, evaluating, and re-designing support processes; establishing and communicating service metrics; monitoring; analyzing implementation changes and areas for improvement. In this role, it is vital to determine customer service requirements and maintain contact with customers. Customer services manager IT service management software enables you to create and conduct user-configurable surveys and summaries to identify customer service trends, service developments and implementing change.

Customer services manager is an essential resource to help you maximize customer operational executed by implementing service desk resources and technical guidance to improve first-time fix rates, resolving problems, disseminating advisories, warnings, trend; detect and diagnose ongoing issues.