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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Cyber Security Solutions

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Navigator System is one of the several well-known organizations in the field of information security and NSPL Cyber Security Solutions consulting.

Navigator System offers a full range of assistance for the implementation and management of information security risks, enterprise information security and protection of information systems from cyber threats.

Clients get and stay secure by using a multi-layered strategy to security with the right software backed with robust expertise. You get the ability to protect your company from hackers, viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Navigator Systems employees are experts in the field of information technology and information security with many years of experience.

The procedure of NSPL Cyber Security Solutions

The process is simple. Before that company has to accept the test plan and methodology submitted. Then,

  • Start with collecting passive information and documentation.
  • Study situation before checking out to action.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities manually.
  • Analyse risk assessment, threat profiling and present report
  • Do Re-verification after eliminating vulnerabilities

List of Penetration Test

  • External network perimeter
  • Internal network
  • Web application, Internet-Bank application
  • Mobile application \ API, SCADA
  • Employee testing by social engineering methods
  • Wireless networks
  • Code analysis for standard vulnerabilities

Network Security Report & Pen Test Cost

The average value of a penetration test or Pen Test will be range from INR 3Lakh to 15Lakh approximately. The average span of the penetration test will be done from a minimum 1 week to 1month or more in working days).

The final report includes jobs methodology and evidence of attacks such as screenshots, videos of attacks, vulnerability, scanner protocols, raw tools experts, obtained passwords and accounts, activity logs with technical information.

List of Vulnerability scanning

  • Network perimeter
  • Web applications
  • According to PCI DSS (ASV scan)