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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Data Center Support Services

NSPL focused on your unique business requirements and will work hard to make sure your network is in safe hands. With managed services for your information centre, you can work hard responsibility your thing while we work hard doing our job.

With our administer NSPL data center support services, you get all the support you require with your data centre management. As a service, we can offer the people, security, and technology that your company needs to optimize your IT infrastructure and cloud. And knowing how busy you are operating your operation, you can get the peace of mind knowing that we will maintain you remotely. With our management and automation capability, you will have extra time to focus on your planned initiatives.

Managed Service for Storage

NSPL approach the operational management of your storage area network and network-attached storage technology proactively in an information centre environment. We offer reliable and scalable storage infrastructures, enhancing the accessibility of information and data performance.

Managed Service for Servers

We make sure of the functioning management of information centre servers, including managing the physical servers, operating system, converged infrastructure and virtualization hypervisors. We maintain servers across a variety of models and provide 24/7 efficient server management and increase access to the tools and services you require. 

A combined set of performance standards

Our managed data center services are built on the ITIL service-delivery structure and deliver best practices for information centre technologies from leading vendors. 

Full NSPL data center operations and management

Managing a data centre location can have a considerable strain on business owners. With our managed IT services, our information centre experts will maintain, develop, and reduce any risk to you with our hands-on approaching to manage your data centre process. 

OEM platform performance monitoring

We will organize and monitor your OEM performance platform to improved serve the needs of your company. 

On-site hardware maintenance

Reduce downtime with the quick response times of our expert staff.

When running a company, with all of the present data centres and cloud services that you rely upon, you require a team of professionals to provide you with expert support. With Exter networks, this is what exactly you will get. With the fast scaling and deployment of new services to assemble business demands, multiple engineering and operational discipline to address data centre, management complexity and cloud operations. The ability to help you in achieving your business goals, our team will form an exclusive relationship with you to aim you better manage your company.