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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Facilities/ Estates Manager

NSPL Facilities/ Estates Manager is one of the sub-functions of IT Operations Management below Service Operation process group of IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. This function is efficient for maintaining the physical environment, for example, data centres, computer rooms, cooling, power supply etc. In some cases, the Facilities Manager also manages the third-party contracts where many of this maintenance works are outsourced to third parties. Facilities Manager also carries out large-scale consolidation projects, such as server consolidation, data centre consolidation etc. This function manages closely with IT Operations Control and also manages the physical access as part of the Access Management Process.

NSPL Facilities/ Estates Manager Objective

As per ITIL v3, the primary purpose of the Facilities Manager function is to maintain the physical environment of the company’s IT infrastructure. This includes handling every aspect of the physical environment, such as power, cooling, building access control, and also taking part in big consolidation projects such as Server Consolidation, Data Centre Consolidation etc.