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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Infrastructure Manager

As an NSPL Infrastructure manager, your function is challenging and diverse, from designing and executing short and long term strategic procedure to ensuring infrastructure ability meets current and future needs.

NSPL software facilitates you to develop, execute and oversee procedures and policies related training plans for project management and infrastructure management. It will also assist and establish priorities for analysis, design, development and maintenance of entire infrastructure systems.

  • Provide you with a single resource of information to support improvement efforts and infrastructure procurement


  • Help you utilize knowledge on good practice in areas associated with infrastructure


  • Define and manage IT adversity Recovery Strategy for the association


  • Define software and hardware standards in cooperation with stakeholders and owners


  • Report and arrange strategies to maintain servers, network infrastructure and presentation


  • Oversee prepared expenses, along with long-term financial estimates for expanded functionality and user base


  • Better manage IT assets, component inventory preservation and associated documentation.


  • Ensure you have better positioned to negotiate with contractors, outsourcers and vendors for infrastructure-specific services and products