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NSPL SOlution Advisor

IT Service Continuity Management

NSPL IT service continuity management (ITSCM) assists you to improve IT infrastructure improvement plans. This enhances support overall business continuity management (BCM) programs and timeframes. IT service continuity management is to one of 5 elements of ITIL service delivery.

You might understand IT service continuity management as Disaster recovery planning (DRP), disaster control plan (DCP) or simply disaster recovery (DR). Whatever term you favour, ITSCM is essential to developing infrastructure recovery plans.

Your IT team should operate jointly with business continuity management (BCM) departments. This collaboration aims to assure plans, and alternative service options are in place before a severe business outage or service disruptions.

The objective of IT Service Continuity Management

  • To provide information and help on issues which are associated with continuity and recovery.

  • To maintain a set of plans on IT service continuity and IT recovery which are in support of the overall business continuity plans. They should also perform business impact analysis, risk analysis, and management activities regularly.

  • To minimize the costs which cannot be eliminated.

  • To make sure that suitable continuity mechanisms are installed which can meet or exceed the agreed-upon targets of business continuity.

  • Analyze the impact which the changes have had on the IT service continuity plans.

  • Make sure that proactive measures are implemented wherever it is economical, which will increase the availability of services.

  • Perform negotiations and agree on contracts with the suppliers to provide the required recovery capability.