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You can improve the service delivery experience and automate workflows across business units. Measure digital service transformation now faster.

it service management software

IT Service Management Software

Service management

Transform your team production with the most powerful service management solution in the Company. ITSM includes everything you require for effective ITSM.

IT asset management

Asset management solution helps you manage, secure, and view your assets directly from within your service desks, eliminating ticket management’s difficulty.


Better understand IT communicates, and performance is more effective. You will be building better IT and business decisions through the real-time, granular coming into your IT operations.


Save money and time, optimize individual and staff performance, and develop service delivery using a tool that adapts to the shifting business landscape.

Our platform enables your team to build new, differentiated services, requests, and reports and easy automate workflows and without costly programming resources or subscription fees.

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ITSM Functionality

Our platform enables your team to build new, differentiated services, requests, and reports and easily automate workflows without costly programming resources or subscription fees.

Incident Management

Incident Management is an ITSM process proposed to restore regular service operations as quickly as possible, minimizing any severe business operations impact.

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Change Management

Change management is a designed approach to dealing with the transformation or transition of a company’s processes, technologies, or goals. Change management is implementing strategies for controlling change, effecting change, and helping people adjust to change.

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Release Management

Release management is the process of controlling, planning, scheduling, and managing a software build through different environments and stages, including testing and deploying software releases.

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Service Level Management

SLM (Service Level Management) want to settle Service Level Agreements with the customers and to design services following the approved service level targets.

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Problem management

A problem is the hub cause of any circumstance. And IT companies might temporarily resolve the problem but cannot fix the trouble. It might lead to divergence, so problem management is a method to fix the issues to improve service delivery and performance.

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Service Desk Function

The IT Service Desk planned to be a primary point of meeting between users and IT industries. According to the ITIL, the service desk is the SPOC (single point of contact) between the service provider and client for day-to-day activities.

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Continual Service Improvement

Continual service improvement identifies and executes opportunities to make IT processes and services better and measure these efforts’ effects over time objectively. It can be abbreviate as CSI.

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Service Asset and Configuration Management (CMDB)

CMDBs used to maintain track of the state of assets such as facilities, systems, software, products people as they exist at exact points in time, and the relationship among all assets. CMDB helps a company to understand the relationship between the components of a system and to follow their configurations.

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Service Measurement and Reporting

Service measurement and reporting are small processes that are invoked by many other ITSM processes. Service reporting aims to evaluate and deliver service measurement instruction to decision-makers, governors, and stakeholders in a form that facilitates action.

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ITIL Process Support

Service Support is one of two disciplines that contain IT Service Management. It encompasses the support development necessary to ensure service quality. These procedures manage changes and problems in the IT Infrastructure are more control-oriented than technical.

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Chat Tool

Chat provides administrators and clients with a real-time chat contact channel to quickly address the problem and meet help requests as they occur.

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Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal lets clients submit chat, request services, view IT announcements, incidents with IT support group, seek advice from the Knowledge Base for unlocking accounts, reset domain passwords or self-help, and many more.

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How to choose a service management software

You will also need to choose the kind of ITSM tools that best meet your needs and your entire organization. If your service delivery process is limited to IT service management (ITSM), you can try the most popular ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, Cimpressions, and SysAid. However, if your service delivery process involves many employees and departments, you may need a more comprehensive tool. Two considerations to help you choose the best ITSM tools are cost and complexity. If you are new to this space, you may not know if an ITSM tool is necessary or not. However, it would be best to do some research to ensure that no tool can meet your service delivery needs that are either a lot more expensive than you would like to pay or would be more complex to implement.

How to Implement IT Service Management Software

For many IT organizations, an ITSM solution was a distant thought, if it was even on the radar at all. Instead, an organization’s IT shops rely on manual processes and tasks. Some IT departments have so many tasks to do that they didn’t see the need for an ITSM tool. Others felt they were going through too many people for jobs, processes, and tools. Not to mention, there was also the question of ‘which tool should I choose?’ Where a manual process fails, the IT organization has to find a way to monitor the IT operations in a more timely manner.

What are the benefits of IT Service Management Software?

IT Service Management Software (ITSM) solutions provide IT organizations with an additional tool for managing tasks, processes, and transactions in IT.


IT service management software can improve the collaboration between IT and other business units, make life easier for administrators, and cut through the administrative hassles to concentrate on core business functions. Companies must make sure they have the right tools and processes to make the most of these benefits. Still, if implemented correctly, IT service management software has the potential to drive business transformation. “> Many businesses have a real need for modern IT service management software that can scale efficiently and reduce inefficiencies across the organization. While most companies don’t have the budget for hundreds of IT staff, those that do can save money in the long-run by reducing costs related to IT staff.

At NSPL, We are more than Consultants; We are Technologists!

Why We, Nspl team always has a Superior Approach to Execution.

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