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NSPL SOlution Advisor

ITSM Mobile

Maintaining a ticket’s lifecycle made easier.

Valuable time can be saved, and non-desk productivity can be enhanced significantly if an agent can efficiently handle a ticket ‘on the go’. Through the app, an agent can get immediate information about a ticket, immediately assign tickets that are unallocated or solve a ticket while being separated from the service desk.

Speed up approval requests

Approvals often become bottlenecks that cause additional delays in the accomplishment of service requests. Let’s face it – administrators don’t set aside time to sift through approval requests in their inbox. The app sends them immediate alerts. They can inspect the details and accept (or reject) it in a matter of seconds. You can act on the request quickly and fulfil it quicker.

Track assets on-the-go

Managing assets throughout their lifecycle are not secure, mainly when there are thousands of them. We let you identify assets dynamically, but some situations call for a more hands-on tracking mechanism. The app comes with a barcode/QR code scanner to assist you with that. You can tag assets with barcodes and use the app to add new ones to the inventory immediately. You can even pull up all the data you need about existing assets with a quick scan.