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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Security Manager

Security is the peak in all businesses’ agenda. With cyber-security associated issues have been regularly reported, which can result in main financial losses and brand credibility compromise, there is normal pressure on the security manager. This pressure is superior to ever.

At NSPL, we believe adequate security a significant business enabler as it provides declaration that we have identified security risks and executed controls that protect our personnel, customers and shareholders. Our intelligent ITSM solution, NSPL, is packed with exclusive features to help you to:

  • Support future development opportunities in ever more challenging production environments
  • Provide the information and evidence to allow the writing of security-related credentials, such as tactical, incident reports and proposals or strategic initiatives
  • Built and maintain security processes which submit to industry standards
  • Administer significant security incidents and high-risk measures throughout their lifecycle
  • Provide security connected performance reports and outcome
  • Plan security for individual and high-risk events
  • Assist in emergency management and emergency planning
  • Maintain security standard with supporting data