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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Security Operations Center

NSPL Security operations center is a capability that houses an information security team responsible for analyzing and monitoring an organization security position on an ongoing basis. The SOC team aims to respond, detect and analyze to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solution and a robust set of procedures. Security operations centers are classically staffed with security analysts and engineers also managers who supervise security operations. Operations center staff work closely with directorial incident response teams to make sure security issues are addressed rapidly upon discovery.

Operations center analyze and monitor activity on websites, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, networks, and other systems, looking for an irregular event that could be analytic of a security incident or compromise. The operations center is dependable for ensuring that potential security incidents have correctly reported, analyzed, defended, investigated, and identified.

Responsibilities of NSPL Security operations center with prompt member roles

The operations center teams identify possible threats and incidents. After this, they evaluate and investigate them to discover the appropriate solutions. Take a glance at the primary responsibilities of a COC –

  • Implementation and Management of Different Security Tools

A skilled operations center team understands the device requirements. From essential security tools, such as DLP, firewalls, IDS/IPS, to enterprise forensic tools, the teams identify it all while still considering the SIEM solutions.

  • Analyze Suspicious Activities

By using supervising tools, the operations center team appears for suspicious activities within the system. Their actions are based on the alerts produced by SIEM.

  • Maintains Network Downtime and Make Sure Business Continuity

Organizations require minimal or no network downtime to keep their businesses afloat. To manage a similar, the operations center notifies the stakeholders during any security breach.

  • Checks Regulatory Compliance

The team audits the security infrastructure to confirm whether it meets all the appropriate regulatory compliance.