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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Self Service

NSPL Self Service on the IT service desk is no longer a new concept – with 70-80% of IT service desks having performed some form of self-service technology. Most IT companies know that to grow, and perhaps survive, as an IT support function, the employment of self-service skills will help to reduce expenses, speed up support, and deliver a more reliable end-user experience. Plus, of course, help to decrease the pressure on overburdened IT service desks.

Some advantages of a self-service IT portal :

  • Reduces costs by having IT professionals solving higher-level tasks.
  • Improves consumer awareness while providing a fondness for the business.
  • Increases productivity by allowing users to find the answers themselves.
  • Increases the relation between IT and consumers.
  • Increases overall customer satisfaction and company reliability.
  • Decreases wait times in a queue for help.

Benefits of a Self-Service

The customer and the service provider benefit from a well-designed portal. Since so several services are now computerized, the IT department is usually viewed as the backbone of every company.

Have you ever explored for a piece of data on a search engine? Have yourself ever called the provider and waited on hold for a query with your cable or cell phone provider? Compare these two events and how you felt after each one. This comparison will give you an impression of how people think with a self-service IT portal versus not having one.