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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Service Catalog Management

NSPL Service Catalogue contains information on specific services for which customer are willing to pay. It is a knowledge management tool which allows employees and consultants to route their request for and about services.

 Scope and Aims of Service Catalog Management

The Scope and Aims of the service catalog management process are to implement and maintain a single source of regular data on all operational services and those being planned to be run operationally and to assure that it is widely available to those who are allowed to access it.

The aims of the service catalog management process are to:

  • Manage the data contained in the service catalog.


  • Assure that the service catalog is correct and reflects the current details, status, interfaces, and dependencies of all duties that are being run, or being planned to run, in the live environment, according to the defined policies.


  • Assure that the service catalog is made accessible to those authorised to access it in a way that helps their effective and efficient use of service catalog data.


  • Ensure that the service catalog supports the evolving needs of all other service management processes for service catalog information, including all interface and dependency information.