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NSPL Services help organizations bridge the Oracle enterprise Server and Solaris OS skills gap by providing technical support, professional services and hardware and software upgrades to organizations across the world.

Oracle SPARC Systems are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, managing mission critical, high performance workloads including data analytics, AI, and cloud applications. Power systems drive innovation and transformation in organizations. With industry leading reliability and security, Oracle infrastructure is handling the most complex and data-intensive environments, including the world’s supercomputers.

Why NSPL Services Right for My Business?

NSPL Services provides infrastructure solutions and professional services to a wide range of blue-chip corporate and SME companies. Our capabilities lie in Oracle SPARC Systems, Oracle X86 servers, and Solaris OS integration and we have helped configure, implement, manage, and support some of the most complex installations. Our customer solutions are underpinned with technical evidence and developed with true insight and expertise to ensure you can have total confidence in what we deliver.

Oracle SPARC securing the stack

With Oracle SPARC Systems, you get comprehensive end-to-end security that tightly integrates across the entire stack—from processor and firmware, to OS and hypervisors, to apps and network resources, all the way to security system management. The SPARC M8 processor holds twice as many cryptographic engines as its predecessor, allowing for the encryption of data at rest or in motion at double the speed, or faster, across all layers of the stack. Oracle Enterprise Systems offers leading security capabilities for a wide range of operating systems which includes Oracle Solaris, Oracle X86 and Oracle Enterprise Linux.

How flexible and futureproof is ORACLE SPARC?

The ORACLE Sparc Systems platform has a rich pedigree and versatility which is second to none. It is this versatility, offering the ability to mix and match resources as needed, which sets it apart from other options. Its inherent flexibility supports everything from Linux, to SAP HANA, to ground-breaking AI programmers. Oracle investment into Sparc Systems continues significantly strengthening its Oracle cloud capabilities. Oracle Sparc allows you to take advantage of a scale-out infrastructure that lets you grow as you go.

NSPL Services: a partner not a supplier, adding value to your business

There are clear benefits to keeping your IT infrastructure up to date, particularly in mission critical environments. Our ethos at NSPL IT Services is to build a partnership with you. We are proud that we have developed long term relationships with our clients, working over many years, adding value to their business and their bottom line. By working with NSPL IT Services, we can help to:


  • Reduce costs
  • Improve IT agility
  • Increase operational efficiency

NSPL IT Services help organisations bridge the Oracle Solaris OS skills gap by providing technical support, professional services and hardware and software upgrades to organisations across the world.

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