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Health Check –

You cannot afford to let servers fail. Keep an eye on the key performance indicators of your server to prevent problems.

Our server health check service provides clients with an analysis of their critical server and storage datacenter environments. Using our OEM certified engineers, we help identify operationally.

Server issues such as Power supply and Temperature and storage issues such as data availability, redundancy and supportability.

Following discovery and analysis, we provide a set of findings and recommendations relating to configuration, hardware or software issues/risks that may negatively impact or limit changes to the server environment:

CPU Utilization

Memory Utilization

Memory Breakup

Processor Queue Length

Disk Idle and Busy Percentage

Disk Usage with Capacity Plan

Recent Events

Top process by CPU and Memory

Running Applications with Details

Down/Trouble History

Services and Processes

Server Performance Monitoring Tasks

Server Uptime  

You will need to take the server down for maintenance from time to time, and some of those tasks involve rebooting the machine. You must be aware of the jobs scheduled to run on the server and how long the server takes to reboot and get back up to full availability before allowing any maintenance task that might involve a reboot to occur.

There should be a log available that details all of the scheduled jobs set up on a server. If there isn’t, it only takes one command for the systems administrator to get one. Your systems administrator needs to watch the Server Uptime metric and tally that with calculations of when the last intentional reboot occurred.

Maintaining Availability  

Four attributes of the server can impair performance or cause the server hardware to shut down if they exceed capacity.

  • Processor 
  • Memory 
  • Disk 
  • Network interfaces 

Spikes in system utilization can hit above those levels without causing too much panic. It is the possibility of excessive demand being sustained that you need to worry about.

Where you set your thresholds and what you deem to be sustained breaches of those safety levels dramatically depends on the following through

  • Time of the day the demand occurs,  
  • The type of applications that cause the demand, and  
  • The length of time it takes resource exhaustion. 

Network Interface Availability   

The network monitoring interface spots  

  • hardware failure : interface activity suddenly dropping to zero 
  • overloading: Prevent many users from accessing the server. 

Storage Performance Tasks Benefits  

  • Independent evaluation of storage component’s health: 
  • Reduce risk of data corruption 
  • Reduce risk of data unavailable / loss 
  • Identification of failed components and potential avoidance of unexpected downtimes
  • Provide actionable recommendations for customer to improve performance and mitigate risk

Methodology Resources Deliverables Discovery Project Management Work with clients to gather relevant storage data and input Analysis Storage Consultants Perform detailed storage analysis Delivery Conduct teleconference to review findings and recommendations Provide a soft copy of findings and recommendations Supported Platforms We currently provide expert support for Dell EMC Clariion CX/AX Series, Celerra NS Series, VNX/VNX2 Series, VNXe, Isilon and Data Domain and NetApp FAS.

Key features  






Project Management 

Work with clients to gather relevant storage data and input 


Storage Consultants 

Perform detailed storage analysis 



Conduct teleconference to review findings and recommendations 



Provide soft copy of findings and recommendations 


Supported Platforms  

We currently provide expert support for Dell EMC Clariion CX/AX Series, Celerra NS Series, VNX/VNX2 Series, VNXe, Isilon and Data Domain and NetApp FAS. 

NSPL Strength 

  • Our Independent third-party analysis provides non-manufacturer bias for a consistent storage health check across multiple vendor platforms.
  • We have certified storage consultants with 20+ years of manufacturer experience and multiple manufacturer certifications.
  • Field technicians available under a separate engagement to remediate identified server storage issues or concerns if required.
  • Personalized delivery specific to client’s storage environment, with certified storage consultants.