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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Smart Hands

A Smart Hand is an individual or team of dedicated technicians with the required IT certifications & skill sets to achieve a field-level hardware or software support assignment. Smart Hands have frequently used to provide support for:

The Smart Hands plan is a ‘hands and feet extension’ of your Level 2 support panel. These engineers can execute instructed tasks independently, or work in combination with your team so that your level 2 team can be centrally situated. The NSPL Smart Hands program is accessible in all major regions and provides a cost-effective approach for delivering approachable field support.

Advantage of Smart Hand


Organize Smart Hands to work with your Level 2 support team rather than sending specialists out to the field on trips that are both times consuming and expensive.


Smart Hands are offered on-demand in every major metropolitan area and even many remote regions. Enable your Level 2 support to instantly dispatch a technician so that you can determine cases in hours or days, not weeks.


The NSPL Portal platform facilitates a seamless communication experience between all of the essential parties in resolving support cases. The portal acts as a single point of contact among technicians, vendors, and clients to share related information and training materials to ensure all contributors are up to speed.