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We need ‘managed IT services’ for the following reasons-:
To Save Money
For most companies, using managed IT services is a lot more cost-effective than hiring permanent IT experts. Unless your business is related to the IT field, your IT requirements can be easily fulfilled by managed IT services. Even some IT-related companies may hire managed IT service providers. That’s because a single IT professional cannot solve every IT-related problems. IT firms may have simple IT related issues for which none of its IT professionals have any solution. It would not be wise to hire a new type of IT expert for a simple question if you cannot provide enough tasks in the future to justify the hiring.

To Solve a Wide Variety of Issues
Managed IT service providers consist of IT professionals who have already solved a wide range of problems for multiple companies. Even if you have a budget to hire some IT professionals, they will probably not be able to do as good a job as an IT firm whose employees provide knowledge in a wide range of IT-related issues. If you hire one type of IT professional, then you’ll still need managed IT service providers, when the IT problem is not related to that IT professional’s expertise.

To Maximize Uptime
The time in which the computer network is running without any problem is called uptime. To ensure that the company’s IT systems keep running all the time, it’s important to get IT support from the professionals. It would help if you were prepared for the worst-case scenario. Lengthy downtime in the company’s computer network can result in huge losses.

For 24/7 Service
You are not paying for just occasional check-ins when you hire a managed IT service provider. You’re paying for 24/7 service that ensures the reliability of your IT infrastructure. Your IT infrastructure must be monitored all the time so that any problem can be fixed before the problem causes any harm.

For Security and Data Protection
It is essential that the people you are doing business with can trust you. Without a secure IT system, other organizations and customers may refuse to work with you. If the customer’s data you have is not protected, you can face lawsuits. So, security and data protection services provided by IT firms will help your business.

What’s important?
It’s important to understand that “outsourcing” and “managed services” are a bit different. They describe a very similar concept, but in hiring an IT managed services company, you get a long-term partner in handling an essential part of your business.

Is it cheaper? YES! ABSOLUTELY!
In the case of outsourcing and managed services, the cost is lower than if a business hires its professionals.

Is it worth it?
YES! Absolutely Yes! However, some conditions do apply, of course. For instance, it makes sense to go for it if:
a) the service you’re hiring a managed services company for is not your core product. Unless you find a perfect partner that helps you increase quality and cut costs, most businesses hire managed services because they don’t want to think about their IT department or their data security, or their connectivity issues when their main job is to produce 3D printers.
b) it is cheaper. Some companies in India offer great outsourcing deals, very affordable, and some enterprise-level managed services companies in the US like Wolf Technology Group are high-end business partners, meaning you might not be able to afford them if your budget is too small. You get what you pay for, but you can always find an option that will be cheaper for you.
c) you can’t find great minds. That’s true; great minds go work for great companies, where they can improve their skills and increase competitiveness in the market. You may not afford them full-time, but you can hire them on an hourly basis through the company they work for.