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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Manage my IT and Service Infrastructure, Configurations and Assets

Using NSPL to manage your IT and service Infrastructure, assets and arrangements will result in a single recording system with improved IT transparency and system consolidation, underpinned by process standardization, using industry values and ethical practices.

NSPL key benefits include:

  • The restrictive of unplanned downtime as a result of having a single consolidated service asset and configuration record.
  • Easing the trouble of maintaining audits, using automated justification controls and record traceability.
  • Increased productivity by speed up service requests, fulfilment process and change approval.
  • Enhanced procedure standardization using industry standards and good practice.
    Operational efficiencies and team productivity gains due to process automation and increased agility.

Financial benefits include:

  • IT staff productivity gains: IT operations will become extra efficient as a result of standardization and repeatable process, increased staff productivity and process automation with better visibility and reporting.
  • Minimizing the burden of risk: Reduced service outages and downtime, with fewer resources, have used to gather audit requirements.
  • Higher employee productivity: Line-of-business workers become more productive as a process in several areas (service requests, incident management, on-boarding, procurement, etc.) are improved with automation, repeatable process and enhanced operational visibility.
  • Lower IT infrastructure costs: By leveraging the use of NSPL to reduce datacenter and service availability connected costs, as well as license and maintenance costs