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San Storage Support Service


Leveraging on our expertise, we can help you design and implement a highly scalable SAN of high performance and resilience. We have had extensive experience in the implementation of SAN network using enterprise class backbone directors with edge switches.

We are also well versed in the area of extended SAN, enabling you to extend data access and replication to a remote DR site.

Other services provided by our technical team include the following:

  • SAN Fabric Migration 
  • SAN Fabric Expansion (Switches / Directors Add-on)
  • SAN Devices Firmware Upgrade 
  • SAN Topology Changes 
  • SAN Security and Encryption
Server Maintenance

We also provide SAN health assessment for evaluating the stability and performance of your existing fabric. Prior to I/O issues experienced by hosts due to the stability of the SAN network, there are always telling symptoms from the switch and director monitoring statistics. With the detection of these symptoms early, you could fix the issues early before it escalates to a full blown disruption on host I/Os.

Service Description

Design and implementation service for new SAN network. Implementation services for SAN expansion, upgrade and topology change are also available.

  • Pre-implementation phase includes risk assessment on activites to be carried out
  • An activity plan with schedule is worked out for complicated activites such as SAN migration.
  • Sanity check and configuration backup for existing SAN fabric prior to any configuration changes.
  • Host level sanity check before and after implementation.
  • Monitoring of SAN fabric for stability after a major activity.

Assessment service to determine the stability and performance of current SAN fabric.


  • Configuration document with architectural diagrams of the SAN.
  • Risk assessment and detailed procedures prior to implementation for high risk activities. Rollback and contigency plan are included if required.
  • User acceptance test document to verify the correct operation of SAN after a configuration change.
  • Engineer standby for stability issues after a major configuration change.
  • Transfer of knowledge on current configuration to administrators. May include additional training on SAN monitoring and management.

For assessment service, a detailed report with recommendations and resolutions for any issues spotted in the existing SAN.