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NSPL Storage Consulting Services solve your complex IT infrastructure and data management problems.

NSPL Storage and Deployment Services

Our service professionals have extensive experiences in deploying many enterprise and mid-range storage products. Our NSPL team is also skilled in the following areas:

  • Data Replication (Host-based / Storage-based) 
  • Remote Replication (Host-based / Storage-based) 
  • Deployment of Snapshots & Point-in-Time Copies  
  • Data Migration (Host-based / Storage-based) 
  • Storage Expansion 
  • Storage Lifecycle Management 
  • NAS Deployment (Host-based / Appliance based) 
  • Data Archival 
  • Storage Management (Provisioning, capacity and storage utlization monitoring) 
  • Storage Virtualization (for more efficient use of physical resources) 
Server Maintenance

We are also well-versed in storage assessment and tuning. From our experiences, 8 out of 10 performance issues seen at the host end often points to a bottleneck on the storage unit. Performing a thorough performance assessment on the storage requires in-depth knowledge in its architecture as there are multiple components within a storage unit in which bottlenecks may occur. Engaging our storage assessment service allows you to pin-point the exact hot-spots with recommendations on how you can resolve the issues. 

Service Description

Implementation for any of the above storage-related services. Services may include installation and configuration of host software. 

  • Pre-implementation phase includes risk assessment on activites to be carried out 
  • An activity plan with schedule is worked out for complicated activites such as data migration. 
  • Sanity check and configuration backup for existing host or storage prior to any configuration changes. 
  • Host level sanity check before and after implementation.
  • Performance assessment service to identify any bottleneck in a storage unit.


  • Configuration document with architectural diagrams related on hosts and SAN storage. 
  • Risk assessment and detailed procedures prior to implementation for high risk activities. Rollback and contingency plan are included if required. 
  • User acceptance test document to verify the correct operation of host / storage after a configuration change. 
  • Engineer standby for stability issues after a major configuration change. 
  • Transfer of knowledge on current configuration to administrators. May include additional training on monitoring and management. 
  • For assessment service, a detailed report with recommendations and resolutions for any issues identified in the storage unit.