Do you know why your IT guys are Stressed Out & Exhausted? Find out now!

NSPL SOlution Advisor

Manage My IT Support Analysts

We may not be aware of them, but we use values every day in all features of our daily lives – in energy, ICT, communications, media, healthcare, food, transport, construction and furniture.

NSPL software provides a range of functions and features to assist you in efficiently maximizing the investment in your team, their workload scheduling and planning:

  • Automatic assignment to the right person, based on their present workloads.
  • Identification of team with the right skills set and their accessibility status.
  • Reporting on workload estimates against actual time spent.
  • Using the NSPL skills matrix to identify skills gaps and areas for development.
  • NSPL team performance and SLA results to assist decisions on staffing levels to grow your industry.
  • Getting useful insights to develop your business with easy-to-use reports, trends and dashboards.
  • Measuring employee fulfilment to increase retention and motivation .
  • Graphical dashboards highlighting possible service breaches have addressed before agreements have breached.
  • Bulk transfer of requests to individuals or teams.