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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Event Management

Event has defined as a noticeable occurrence that has importance for the delivery of IT service. Events have formed by Configuration Item (CI) or the observing tools.

NSPL Event Management makes sure that all CIs as monitored continuously and identify a process to categorize these events so that proper action has taken if essential.

There are two types of monitoring tools reported below:

Active monitoring tools and monitor Configuration Item for their grade and availability. Any difference from a regular operation communicated the suitable team for action.

Passive monitoring tools identify and associate operational alerts or communications generated by Configuration Items.

Here are the main advantages of NSPL Event Management

  • It assists in detecting incidents at an early stage. Thus event can be allocated to an appropriate team before any service outage arise.


  • It removes require for expensive and supplies intensive monitoring.


  • It can also be practical on some service management processes such as capacity management or Availability management. It automatically generates a signal when status changes that permit an appropriate team to achieve early response.


  • Since it is automated, therefore provides improved efficiency.