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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Problem Management Services

NSPL Problem Management is a cause or possible cause of multiple incidents. Problems can arise from significant events affecting many users, or from recurring events. Further, problems can be classified in infrastructure diagnostic systems before users are affected. 

Incidents hinder business productivity and implementing quick solutions assists to ensure seamless continuity of business operations. However, when multiple events occur at once or the same incident occurs numerous times, it’s not feasible to move ahead by implementing patchwork solutions, or attempting the same resolutions again and over again.


There are two important types of NSPL Problem Management:


  • Reactive is concerned with resolving problems in response to one or more significant incidents.


  • Proactive is concerned with recognizing and solving problems, and known errors before additional events related to them can occur again.

Benefits of implementing NSPL Problem Management processes include:

  • Preventing service disruptions
  • Maintaining service levels
  • Meeting service availability requirements
  • Increasing staff efficiency and productivity
  • Improving user satisfaction

ITIL® problem management is a procedural process to ensure minimal incidents emerge from IT infrastructure operations by delving deep into events to find the root causes and fixes, and also reduce the severity of the incidents through suitable documentation of existing issues and providing workarounds.

Problem management is a systematic approach to identify the cause of an incident and manage the life cycle of all problems. The goal of ITIL® problem management process is to minimize the impact of events and eliminate recurring ones while ITIL® doesn’t state any specific technique to perform problem management.

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