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NSPL SOlution Advisor

Service Portfolio Management

NSPL Service Portfolio Management is the process useful for the assembly of a primary Service Design Package (SDP) for each service and its support through the service life cycle. This also includes assisting with the Continual Service Improvement Process. The Service Design Package may be modified and extended by other Service Management processes. However, Service Portfolio Management is the process of retaining control and overall efficiency for all Shops, in particular for all service descriptions and documentation. The total of all available Saps will form the Service Portfolio. Since clients should be equipped with a customer-specific view on this portfolio – the Service Catalog – Service Catalog Administration is a primary administrative sub process associated with Service Portfolio Management. 

Although the Continual Service Improvement Process is gaining more and more importance in recent discussions, in our understanding is part of the Service Portfolio Management. This opinion helps to:

Decrease the complexity of IT service methods and rules

Improve the understanding of the correlation of IT service management

The Advantages of Employing Service Portfolio Management

Employing service portfolio management may include a radical re-do for all company units included, but its benefits – and the benefits of a precise service catalog – are measurable:

  •  Clients understand specifically what you, as a service provider, will deliver
  • There are cradle-to-grave clarity into value, costs, and risks
  • Services in the pipeline can be controlled as well as operational services
  • It supports to verify proposed services and important changes to existing services
  • Ultimately, tracking the value, cost, and risk of every service your service organization provides also helps to position it as indispensable to your customers because you know – quickly – how valuable service is.