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Site Survey and Readiness

A site survey has approved out before the deployment of any hardware. The aim is to gather all information related to clients sites as a way of planning for minimum disruption during and after the operation.

The site survey procedure consists of engineers who will complete questionnaires that assist gather all the data necessary. It typically relates to the network closet, HVAC conditions, existing cabling, existing power and any space that is available in the network racks for the latest hardware.

After carrying out this complete onsite survey, customers get first-hand data about all the pre-deployment work that wants to happen before new hardware has deployed. It is all based on the information gathered by engineers.

Site survey & readiness checklist

Before carrying out a wireless site survey, the right preparations must have finished. Below, we have listed all of the top things you need to think about before you proceed.

  •  Your Network Adapter: A lot of the information you collect is done so via your network adapter. You mustn’t have only one that is recommended and verified to work well, but also one you believe and understand. Get to know your adapter so you’re alert of how it works and how you can understand the results with extra accuracy.
  • Use various adapters: Following on from this, it profits you to use more than one adapter as you can bring out multiple surveys at the same time, rather than containing to do them one after the other.
  • Importing your ground plan: You must import your ground plan, so it is excellent sufficient resolution to see all the information you need to see. Also, try and minimize white space as it takes up screen space and makes it harder to see the region.
  • Standardize the floor plan: You should calibrate the imported floor plan to make sure that everything is precisely calculated when conducting the survey. Our tip is to utilize the most important measurement on the site as it reduces the risk of errors if you’re slightly off with the measurement accuracy.
  • Select the path you walk: Ensure that you plan the way you walk when conducting an onsite review as this will significantly influence your information collection. Two top tips are to walk the edges of the area and walk another side of an obstacle.
  • Choose your scan pattern: Utilize your survey software to choose the exact scan pattern that works for you and the site you are surveying. Think regarding whether or not you must scan using all the channels existing or just selected ones. It will differ depending on the location, and the user activities of the people tend to work on the place.
  • Signal broadcast: Finally, ensure that you set the correct signal propagation value to fit the specific site. It mainly assists figure out how far your survey software assumes that reading it receives is appropriate. It’s impossible to walk every single inch within site because of difficulty, etc. So, this value helps to generate a heat map of types that offers more correctness when conducting the survey. It’s necessary to do this before you create carrying out your site survey.